Do you know you have more to offer to the world,
yet you are not living to your full potential?

Are you hungry for more?

More joy. More balance. More authenticity. More freedom. More IMPACT.

In your business AND your life?


And I can help you bridge the gap.
If you are ready to leave behind the ordinary, we should have a conversation.
My calling is to help you craft a new and more empowering story for your life. One in which you can experience real healing, embrace your authentic self, walk in your power, and truly make an impact.

Come with me on a journey.
Together we will find the keys to unlock the doorway to your destiny.

"Tari has been a trusted friend, counselor and mentor for the past 10+ years. She has a deep understanding of how people interact with their work and how that plays into their sense of being and well-being. I know that when I spend time speaking with Tari I am going to walk away feeling better about myself and all aspects of my life!"

~David Taylor, Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker, David Taylor Homes

“I help people heal, find their superpowers, and walk in the fullness of their destiny.”

We make peace with others when we make peace with the earth and with ourselves.

If we listen closely we can hear a new story waiting to be told. It’s in the arts and the sciences. In true spirituality. And deep in the heart of humanity. It’s a story that is in the lyrics of our music. In the sacred art of dance. And our hero stories in film and literature. The story of human potential and innovation.










Social Justice


Love and care for our earth

Schedule a Chemistry Session

Schedule a Chemistry Session

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Tari was recently featured as a concious superstar on Awaken Atlanta’s “awaken stars” segment on Shamanism… watch the video!

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