Work with Tari

Are you ready to mine beneath the surface?

Do you want to shed old patterns, stories and ways of being that are no longer working for you?

Tari’s unique combination of coaching and shamanic energy work can help open the door to new and greater possibilities than you have ever imagined. As a facilitator of healing and self-actualization, Tari can help you discover how to become the oracle for your own life; where you can craft and select a more authentic destiny rather than playing out the hand life may have dealt you.

Tari has been coaching and helping others accomplish their goals since 2005. She uses a variety of methods and all sessions are customized to the individual needs of the client. Coaching is a collaborative effort. A minimum commitment of 3 sessions is required for private coaching clients.

If you are ready to ignite your fire, kick fear to the curb and help make an impact in the world for generations to come, this work may be right for you.

Tari is a gifted coach and talented businesswoman. She is patient, kind, and truthful. Tari is an excellent resource in times of crisis. I highly recommend her services. She is a true leader and a gift to the coaching industry.

Melissa Krudwig, Kennesaw, GA

US Army Veteran. Realtor, The Bear of Real Estate

Tari has been a trusted friend, counselor and mentor for the past 10+ years. She has a deep understanding of how people interact with their work and how that plays into their sense of being and well-being. I know that when I spend time speaking with Tari I am going to walk away feeling better about myself and all aspects of my life!

David Taylor, Chicago, IL

Real Estate Broker, David Taylor Homes

Tari is a kind and caring person with a big heart. So much of her journey will support the journey you are on. She is right there with you to assist you in making the changes you need. Be prepared to emerge a much more complete person.

Patty Wallenburg, Kennesaw, GA

Owner, Oak Sanctuary

It has been an honor and privilege to have engaged with Tari both personally and professionally. As a fellow colleague, I have watched Tari flourish and grow into an incredible, courageous, intuitive and very capable practitioner. She shares her abundant knowledge and wisdom with humility. She holds a strong, safe, compassionate space for those she engages with and she is a great listener. I would highly recommend Tari as a Practitioner to anyone that is looking for real change in their life.

Julie Hatchard, Melbourne, Australia

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Emotional Coach/Mentor, The Mind Body Connection

To me Tari Johnson is the embodiment of everything the goddess stands for… the combination of her high intellect, strong intuition, and big heart translates in a deep understanding of humanity, the earth, the sacred… her visions are an inspiration for us all, her deep insights a motivation for growth… she is a role model for every woman in finding the sacred feminine within herself and walking the earth the beauty way.

Rosalie Declercq, D.O., Belgium

Shamanic Healer, Life Coach

Tari is an amazing healer and heart-centered soul. She stands in her light while empowering others to stand in their own.

Allison Mukti Bai Summers, Sebastian, FL & Atlanta, GA

Shamanic Sound Practitioner, Pampamesayoque Medicine, Meditation & Drum Workshop Facilitator, Soul Rhythms

Tari Johnson has my highest recommendation as a coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and encourage me as a business owner has been beneficial to my company and me personally. I find her perspectives thoughtful and insightful. She has always been professional, knowledgeable and down to earth which really helps her reach people like me. My business has grown every year since It began and I credit part of that growth to her insight and mentorship.

Stephanie Still Johnson, Rome, GA

Owner, Still Virtual Assistance

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